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12 Years of experience in BI Consulting Solutions

Business intelligence allows you to transform your huge amount of information into actionable insights. With today’s robust and cost-effective business intelligence tools and platforms, results can be easily achieved. Our 12+ long years of business intelligence consulting experience permits us to see through tangled frameworks and sort out information such that is best for your business.

Softgainz is ready to recommend on setting up or tuning your BI solution to supply consolidated analytics and quickly and correct reporting for elevated decision-making. We know that a guiding measurement of success for any BI methodology is adoption by the end clients of the association, and we endeavour to guarantee these clients are OK with the product.


BI Tools we work with


We are experts in designing, developing, and implementing powerful Analytics and Reporting Solutions using Microsoft SQL Server Tools and Services.


Highly customizable and scalable Qlikview and Qliksense based business intelligence solutions are dependable companions in helping business decisions.


Informatica is an efficient, secure and reliable tool. We can integrate data lakes to draw and deliver transformative insights for your business.

BI Consulting solutions and Services

Consulting & Implementation
Our experts can implement enterprise solutions for organizations to access reliable information.
Integration & Migration
We can integrate BI tools with any third party software, data source and web service.
Data Mining & Warehousing
We provide custom solutions to integrate data from multiple sources into a single system.
Data Visualization & Dashboard
We offer visually appealing and user-friendly dashboards and data visualization solutions
Why Choose Softgainz

We Deal with all the Aspects of

Business Intelligence

Whether you’re evaluating business needs or need help getting started with BI, our experienced consultants will guide you every step of the way.

Solid Consulting Approach
We strongly believe in being business enablers for enterprises and we deliver solutions that help our clients unpack additional incentive from technology.
Quality Assurance
We guarantee highest-quality standards with multiple rounds of quality checks via code reviews, testing and globally benchmarked best practices.
Speedy Turnaround
Our solutions are delivered within the Agile framework to address evolving business needs and reducing the time-to-respond to key business scenarios.

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