When should you choose Sitefinity CMS for your website project?

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Dev Admin January 25, 2022 0 Comments

Sitefinity CMS is a powerful CMS tool with rich features and functionality. Organizations overwhelmingly prefer this CMS tool to collaborate on projects where users need to share a vast amount of content. This tool allows users to collaborate and work seamlessly even with minimal knowledge of website design. With a basic understanding of how the software works, creators can produce content according to their preference, post it quickly, and stylize it as per their preferences. This CMS also makes it easier for developers to tackle and issues with the website and ensure it keeps working as it should.

Is Sitefinity CMS the right choice for you?

When selecting a content management software, organizations should focus on their employees’ requirements as well. Not every employee will have the same level of knowledge when it comes to website design and coding. Hence, it may be difficult for such employees to work on websites. However, with the help of user-friendly and well-designed software, only a bare minimum of knowledge about websites is required. Organizations can provide all employees with training on using the software, rather than providing different training to different employees.

Thus, whether organizations should use Sitefinity CMS for their content management need are influenced by:

  • Employee’s Knowledge of Code: Creating a responsive and high-ranking website depends on the content and the website’s design. However, all content creators may not be familiar with coding. Even those who may be comfortable with HTML may find it difficult to navigate website design. Hence, Sitefinity provides an easy solution to this issue. Even those with minimal code knowledge can use this system effortlessly and create aesthetic web pages with powerful content.
  • Designated Control: While many people may work to publish content on a website. Only a few of them are authorized to edit the website. In an organization, there is usually a hierarchy that designates personnel to make executive decisions. With this Sitefinity’s content management system, organizations can ensure that this hierarchy is not disrupted. The software can be customized so that only a few people are authorized to make permanent changes. While other users may still be able to edit the content on the page, they will not add or remove pages.
  • High-Level of Control: Content creators who have the highest level of control can customize the web page and its elements according to their needs. They can easily make changes without requiring any knowledge of coding. With Sitefinity, the website is highly customizable, placing the power in the hands of the creator. Hence, every content comes out the way the creator envisions it, with minimal effort.
  • No Accidental Deletion: Working on a website is a gruelling task, and those who may not have a strong working knowledge of the website may often make errors. In some cases, these errors are irreversible. However, with Sitefinity, creators can save every version of the website to go back and forth to decide what they like. Additionally, by saving every version of the website, the authors can ensure that no pages are lost accidentally. Users can view different versions with ease, select the ones that users like better, or recover old pages quickly to save time.
  • Personalized Pages: Depending on where visitors access the website, the organization may want to create customized pages. With the help of Sitefinity CMS, this is easily possible. Creators can ensure that different users view the same page differently, giving it a personalized feel. Thus, when organizations must present different versions of the same page, Sitefinity’s content management software makes it more accessible.
  • Service Tools and Utilities: With minimal coding or web design knowledge, it can be challenging to understand why a website may not be performing optimally. Sitefinity bridges the gap between the user and website and provides service and utility tools to configure the website for the best performance. Even without working knowledge of web page design, users can have greater control over their website and optimize it to get the best results.

Thus, Sitefinity CMS can be the right fit for organizations where employees want to have greater control of the website. Yet, they may not have an excellent knowledge of website design.

Why Choose Sitefinity’s Content Management Software?

Sitefinity offers several features that allow creators to ensure that their users have the best experience. Sitefinity ensures that organizations can manage their website effortlessly. Sitefinity’s software detects and highlights issues so that users can navigate them with the tools provided. Other features provided are:

  • Responsive Design: Sitefinity CMS provides users with a responsive design. Hence, users can ensure that no matter which device their visitors may be using, the website dynamically adjusts to suit that device. With more people using mobiles to surf the internet, this feature is necessary; it allows users to create the best experience for their users with little effort.
  • Drag & Drop: The drag and drop layout feature makes it easy for users to design their website and add or edit elements according to their needs for every page user have great control over how they design the page. No knowledge of website design is required. It is as easy as dragging items and dropping them on the desired location on the page. Content creators can select the preferred placement for their content, illustrations, pictures, and videos. Hence, the drag and drop feature increases the customisability of the website.
  • Built-in Template: Having a built-in template allows users to build a website with ease. They can use various templates for various pages or stick to pre-made themes. For those who do not have much knowledge about attractive website design, built-in templates can be useful. These templates already have provisions to add texts, videos, pictures, social media handles, and more. Hence, making it easy for users to create a fully functional website in a matter of minutes.
  • Integrated Marketing: Businesses need to keep up with email marketing, social media posts, and more along with their website. However, managing two things at once may be challenging. Sitefinity has managed to circumvent this issue with their CMS. Sitefinity provides users the opportunity to integrate email and social media marketing along with their website. Hence, users can manage and publish Facebook posts using Sitefinity’s software. This is a valuable feature for users as it allows them to make changes to different posts and platforms from a single software.

These are some of the most notable features offered by the CMS. With the help of these features, Sitefinity can become one of the most sought-after CMS. It is popular among most organizations because of its ease of use, user-friendly interface, and convenience.

Summing Up

Sitefinity allows a high level of control and customizability and allows users to view different versions of the website to select the one they prefer. With this CMS, it is much easier to store content which other employees can view and collaborate on. It is the most convenient tool when organizations need their employees to collaborate and produce content. It is easy to publish and write blogs using this software and create personalized pages for different users. Sitefinity makes website design more accessible to users and allows them to produce highly responsive websites with little to no effort.